Monday, September 3, 2012


Hi !!!
Today was.......especially nothing.
Because today was "Relax Day".
Do you know that?
that is sleep long time and do whatever I want.
So,I woke up at 9:30.
In noon Me,Alex,Martijn went to MALL and ate A&W (fastfood)

and back to home .
And we went STEAPLES.
and I bought  binder and notebook for school.

Today I make movie about my Sherwood Park memory.
Making movie was first time for me. so It was very hard.
I uploaded on Facebook and YouTube.
Please watch it !!

Tomorrow is school starting.
I am very exiting !!!
because my timetable is looks nice!!
Fitness, Comm&tech,POP&ROCK
Especially POP&ROCK is sounds cool
In that class I play ROCK !!!

Anyway I hope my first school is good.

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