Sunday, December 16, 2012

DAY 142

Hi. Passed over 140days in Canada!!!
Can I speak English better than 140days ago?
I dunno.

Whatever,Last week we went to movie "The Hobbit" New one!
It was really amazing!!! You should watch!!

Christmas season is coming. Today I went to Mall with Alex and Martijn. It was fun.
I bought some presents for my friend and family.

C ya!

Monday, December 10, 2012

DAY 136

I'm still having a cough... Too bad : (

On Friday, Ben,Julia,Adeline come over house, And we watched "American Horror Story Season2"  That was really awesome.
By the way,I didn't know that "Truth or dare" Cuz, we don't have that game in Japan LOL

Last weekend(Sat,Sun) was boring. Nothing to do.  Just play guitar all day. and played game...
And now I'm making new songs DEMO. I'll upload it next weekend.

Christmas Holiday is soon!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DAY131 "Haedache"

I had a headache and Backache from Monday. So,I couldn't go to school today and yesterday. Too bad...
Now, It's better.
I wasted two days..
Anyway,I'll go to school tomorrow.
C ya

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Tomorrow is Monday. School start. I have a math test....

By the way,Christmas tree was coming!!


This weekend I wrote and recorded 2 songs.

I uploaded one of them on Soundcloud.
Check it!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Yesterday was good day LOL
After school we went Adeline's house and make pizza.
We came back home 1AM LOL
It was so fun. Thanks Guys.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have a backache. LOL
Why? I don't know LOL
Last night,my laptop had a few bug, And it was turn down. Saddunly.
I don't know what the hell happen on my Laptop.
After restarted it,I realized that I lost my songs data. Oh My God....
But, maybe it's good for me. Cuz,That song was really sucks.
And I was making that song from 3 weeks ago.
To spent long time to make  one song is really bad, I think so.

By the way I made some Wallpapers for Laptop and Poster in comm tech class.
I love comm tech class.
But I love R&P and my band more than comm tech. LOL

DAY 124

Day 124.
Nothing to write.......!

Why most Canadian loves coffee so much?
I can't understand. That's not mean "I don't like coffee"
I like coffee. I love coffee. Especially, Starbucks is AWSOME LOL
There are many coffee shop in Canada. Many,Many  and Many.

Most Japanese like Japanese tea. but,There aren't many Japanese tea shop.
And I don't like Japanese tea.

Anyway, I want to know why there are many coffee shop in Canada.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DAY 1! 2! 3!(123)

nothing to write... I had a swimming and math test.
I hate mate. I hate meth. I HATE MATH! LOL

I started to use Sound cloud.
It's music SNS. you can upload your original songs or cover songs. That's so awesome.
I'll upload my songs. My account name is T,Z
If you use Sound cloud please check me!!!


Monday, November 26, 2012

DAY 122

Day 122.
There ware many event on this 3 weeks. Remenmberesday, Grad Dance Marathon etc...

Grad Dance Marathon (GDM) is 12 hours non-stop dance party. that was really crazy. LOL But also fun! I enjoyed it! 

By the way , "Real" winter is coming...
Highest tempature is -5or-3.....Some time -10.
 I'm dying every day.....  JK
But, Snow is very beautiful.

By the way I watched new 007 SKYFALL. It was pretty good movie.
You should watch. LOL

Sunday, November 4, 2012

DAY [100]

How's going ?
100days passed in CANADA.
I can't believe! I still remember 100days ago.
We arrived Edmonton air port. And at there, Neil waited us.
I was feeling little nervous about my study abroad,
But it was wrong. It worried for nothong LOL
Neil and his family was so kind. And Sherwood park was beautiful town.
I studied with nice friends, and there ware so kind and nice. LOL
Four week later, We moved to actual homestay city or town.
I come to St.Albert. 
I feel so happy to came here. and study in PK, And join in awesome band.

Thanks for everyone. seriously seriously seriously LOL


Monday, October 22, 2012

DAY87 Monday... School

How's going?
Do you like Monday?     I don't like Monday. Cuz' I have to wake up early.
But school is fun. R&P is best. That awesome.  Our Band playing...
Seven nation Army (The White Stripes)
Know your enemy (Green Day)
All the small thing (BLINK-182)
Closer (Kings of Leone)
Highway of Heroes (The Thurs)

I play guitar these songs.  Our band is really good.
We took these picture last week @Lions Park.

And I started to read book "Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson
It is really difficult for me. But, Adeline have read to me. Thanks Adeline : )

By the way, My host family's friend borrow me a guitar !


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Sorry I forgot to blog LOL.
How's going JAPAN?  Canada is cold. too cold for me.

From today, This blog is for my life in CANADA. Facebook is for my interest and favorite.
So. Today was especially nothing.

Monday, September 24, 2012

DAY28, 29

Yesterday, I had a 5km marathon race.
I was 4th and my time was 21.14
It was not so hard.
And today...
I had a Cross-country training .  It was hill training...
I really don't like that training . But it is very good for me . I know it

And. Ben,Julia,Adeline ware came to house.

Next X-country race is wednesday.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

DAY 26,27

Hi world.
Yesterday I went to Adeline's house with Alex Ben  julia.
 and at there We ate pizza and watched movie.
It was so fun.

Today I went to watch movie with Ben Alex Julia. lol
It was good .
It was very good for me.  Movie was funny , but also difficult.

Tomorrow I have a 5K race.
it will be nice. because. next X-country race is 5K.


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hi world!

You know,I had a relay race on Wednesday .
It was sooooo fun!!!
But little bit tired. LOL

After that I went to buffet .
There were college . that was so nice!

Today was so nice day!!!
I talk with many people about RHCP.  Cuz, today I wore RHCP's TEE.
It was good for make connection.

And I had a X-country training after school.
It was not hard.   I run only 5k .

Tomorrow is Friday !!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hi. how was your Weekend?

tomorrow is my second time X-contry race.
That race is relay !! I'll run 4km. and we have to wear skinsuit. haha.

By the way, I played BASSguiter in JAPAN. but now, I'm playing guitar in R&P band.
In our band , there are two girl who can play guitar.
 But that's OK. Cuz It is good for me.
now We playing 2 songs.
Next song is  "All the small shings" or "Americanidiot"
Both of them is my favorite songs!

I'm so exiting .

BYE !!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


how was your weekend?

In this weekend. I went to Jurassic forest with my host family.

That was so fun.
 Tomorrow I have a X-coutry practice.


Saturday, September 15, 2012


On Therseday I had my first X-country race.
I had "Rookie" race.
there were 100 to 150 people in that race.
It was very fun. I was 38th.
Next race is September,19(Wednesday)

By the way. In my school, The students of R&P have a tour. It is called "P.K ROCK&POP tour"
In April 2013, we will go to SEATTLE and PORTLAND U.S for one week !!
It sound cool !
that tour cost is 1050$.  Not so expensive. I think so.
I want to go that tour.
Because Seattle is famous place of ROCK.
there were NILVANA .
And now , there are Jimi Hendrix's memolial park.

So I want to go there.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DAY15~17 [school]

sorry to can't post blog.

In these days, school was so busy...
I join in X-country club. Day after tomorrow is my first race.

fitness class is very hard .
because, That class is JAPANESE "Kintore"
Push up, Dips, DB, BB, running machine...

But R&P class is very good.
I play Bass in band. But, I'll also play guitar.


Friday, September 7, 2012

DAY14 [go to BANFF]

Hi! Now I'm in the car.
 today is especially nothing to talk.
 school was good. I played "Imagine" by John lennon.
and we dicided to play "Alound the world" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers!!
that is my favorite song. But that bass part is too difficult.

And I join in X-country team.
Do you know X-country? It is kind of sports.
Please search on google.

Today had a welcome BBQ party at school.
I ate humburgar and coke.
that was so dericious.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

DAY13 [made band]

HI !! How's your school?
My school? AWESOME.
today in R&P class, we make some bands.
There are 4 bands. METAL band. Classic Rock band...etc
So My band is rock band. there are five mambers
drums-Exchange student from German
box drum/puecussion-boy

we played "imagene" by John Lennon .
it is my favorite song.    And we will play RHCP !!!!

by the way, We'll go to Bunff tomorrow to Sunday.
so Maybe I can't write blog ... sorry.

BYE!! Have a great weekend World!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DAY12 & DAY13 [School start]

Sorry. I couldn't write blog yesterday...
cuz' I went AXE music in Edmonton.
I bought BASS GUITAR!!!
this is fender Squire special Jagger Bass.[cherry red]
this is short scale ans PJ type pick up. so I can play easy and speedy.
I'll use this one in Rock&Pop class.

and school started yesterday.
that school is so fun!!
Fitness- awesome
comm tech-not yet
Math- bad...

Math is too difficult.
and everyone speak so fast....orz

anyway. in tomorrow's R&P class, we will make bands.


Monday, September 3, 2012


Hi !!!
Today was.......especially nothing.
Because today was "Relax Day".
Do you know that?
that is sleep long time and do whatever I want.
So,I woke up at 9:30.
In noon Me,Alex,Martijn went to MALL and ate A&W (fastfood)

and back to home .
And we went STEAPLES.
and I bought  binder and notebook for school.

Today I make movie about my Sherwood Park memory.
Making movie was first time for me. so It was very hard.
I uploaded on Facebook and YouTube.
Please watch it !!

Tomorrow is school starting.
I am very exiting !!!
because my timetable is looks nice!!
Fitness, Comm&tech,POP&ROCK
Especially POP&ROCK is sounds cool
In that class I play ROCK !!!

Anyway I hope my first school is good.

Day 10

This weekend I went to JASPER with my host family.
at there we camped and went JASPER town.
Camping was so fun!!!  Me and Host father was walk 7.5km to there.

Moon was beautiful.
But night was sooooo cold..   around 7 degree!!!
And Canadian camping style is very difference from japan.
<Japanese style>
Go to campsite by car and sleepover
don't use camping car.
most Japanese go to camp in summer

<Canadian style>
 Go to campsite by walk and sleepover(in my case)
use camping car.
camp in fall (in my case)

So, I was surprised . But Canadian style is as good as Japanese style.
and Me and host brother back from bike  .
that was downhill . so fun!!

and after that. we went to JASPER town.

At JASPER, we went "JASPER PIZZA" that was so tasty !!
I love JASPER !!
we will go to JASPER again in winter .