Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 10

This weekend I went to JASPER with my host family.
at there we camped and went JASPER town.
Camping was so fun!!!  Me and Host father was walk 7.5km to there.

Moon was beautiful.
But night was sooooo cold..   around 7 degree!!!
And Canadian camping style is very difference from japan.
<Japanese style>
Go to campsite by car and sleepover
don't use camping car.
most Japanese go to camp in summer

<Canadian style>
 Go to campsite by walk and sleepover(in my case)
use camping car.
camp in fall (in my case)

So, I was surprised . But Canadian style is as good as Japanese style.
and Me and host brother back from bike  .
that was downhill . so fun!!

and after that. we went to JASPER town.

At JASPER, we went "JASPER PIZZA" that was so tasty !!
I love JASPER !!
we will go to JASPER again in winter .

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