Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have a backache. LOL
Why? I don't know LOL
Last night,my laptop had a few bug, And it was turn down. Saddunly.
I don't know what the hell happen on my Laptop.
After restarted it,I realized that I lost my songs data. Oh My God....
But, maybe it's good for me. Cuz,That song was really sucks.
And I was making that song from 3 weeks ago.
To spent long time to make  one song is really bad, I think so.

By the way I made some Wallpapers for Laptop and Poster in comm tech class.
I love comm tech class.
But I love R&P and my band more than comm tech. LOL

DAY 124

Day 124.
Nothing to write.......!

Why most Canadian loves coffee so much?
I can't understand. That's not mean "I don't like coffee"
I like coffee. I love coffee. Especially, Starbucks is AWSOME LOL
There are many coffee shop in Canada. Many,Many  and Many.

Most Japanese like Japanese tea. but,There aren't many Japanese tea shop.
And I don't like Japanese tea.

Anyway, I want to know why there are many coffee shop in Canada.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DAY 1! 2! 3!(123)

nothing to write... I had a swimming and math test.
I hate mate. I hate meth. I HATE MATH! LOL

I started to use Sound cloud.
It's music SNS. you can upload your original songs or cover songs. That's so awesome.
I'll upload my songs. My account name is T,Z
If you use Sound cloud please check me!!!


Monday, November 26, 2012

DAY 122

Day 122.
There ware many event on this 3 weeks. Remenmberesday, Grad Dance Marathon etc...

Grad Dance Marathon (GDM) is 12 hours non-stop dance party. that was really crazy. LOL But also fun! I enjoyed it! 

By the way , "Real" winter is coming...
Highest tempature is -5or-3.....Some time -10.
 I'm dying every day.....  JK
But, Snow is very beautiful.

By the way I watched new 007 SKYFALL. It was pretty good movie.
You should watch. LOL

Sunday, November 4, 2012

DAY [100]

How's going ?
100days passed in CANADA.
I can't believe! I still remember 100days ago.
We arrived Edmonton air port. And at there, Neil waited us.
I was feeling little nervous about my study abroad,
But it was wrong. It worried for nothong LOL
Neil and his family was so kind. And Sherwood park was beautiful town.
I studied with nice friends, and there ware so kind and nice. LOL
Four week later, We moved to actual homestay city or town.
I come to St.Albert. 
I feel so happy to came here. and study in PK, And join in awesome band.

Thanks for everyone. seriously seriously seriously LOL